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Create and Manage Quality Module LOT Groups 1, 2, 3 & 4


The process below describes how to manage Groups for LOT’s. There are 4 LOT Groups provided and are used for classification, sorting and grouping of similar LOT’s, examples include

  • Disciplines, such as Civil, Mechanical, Electrical etc
  • Tasks, such as clear and grub, backfill, excavation etc
  • Crews, such as crew 1, crew 2, crew 3 etc
  • Shifts, such as Day, Night, Afternoon etc
  • Material Types, such as Aggregates, Sand, Gravel etc
  • These groups are in addition to the breakdown classification and free text classifications on the lot register.


    1) Click Quality

    2) Under heading LOT click LOT Group 1,2,3 or 4,

    Click on picture to enlarge

    3) Check the Group item doesn’t exist by filtering grid on either code or title.

    4) Add, edit, delete the Group list using the icon buttons identified below.

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    5) Fill in the LOT Groups 1,2,3 or 4 form for Code, Title and Description

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    Pre-Requisite Requirements

    Security Access

    Licensing – users are to be licensed for the Quality module, this can be found under Settings then click User Licensing , set a billing account for the user. For more info see Knowledge Base Article -> User Licensing

    Roles – users are to be assigned a user role for accessing the Frequency Type menu item. This can be found under Settings – System Security then click Assign User Roles . For more info see Knowledge Base Article -> Assign User Roles

    LOT Groups do not require any other pages pre-populated with data prior to their use.

    Additional Information

    Field Explanation
    Field Example Input Characters Field Restrictions
    Code CV Min 1 Max 50 Mandatory

    Alpha, Numeric and special characters allowed.

    No Duplicates Allowed.

    Title Civil Min 2 Max 200 Mandatory

    Alpha, Numeric and special characters allowed.

    No Duplicates Allowed.

    Description All Civil Related ITP’s Min 2 Max 500 Non Mandatory

    Alpha, Numeric and special characters allowed.

    Sample Data – Disciplines
    Code Title Description
    AE Aerail Lines and Poles
    AR Architectural
    BD Building
    BS Bogies and Suspension
    CM Communications
    CN Construction
    CO Commissioning
    CS Construction Staging
    CV Civil
    DC DC Supply
    DE Design and Engineering
    DG Drainage
    DM Demolition
    EA Electrical Auxiliaries
    EB Earthing and Bonding
    EL Electrical
    EN Environmental
    FE Fire Engineering
    FI Finance
    FP Fire Protection
    GE Geotechnical
    HV High Voltage Electrical
    HY Hydraulic
    IN Instrumentation
    IT Information Communication Technology
    LI Lighting
    LS Landscape
    LV Low Voltage Electrical
    MA Marine
    ME Mechanical
    MN Mining
    OH Overhead Wiring
    OM Operations and Maintenance
    PL Plumbing
    PM Project Management
    PP Piping
    PV Pavement
    RE Road Engineering
    RF Roadside Furniture & Pavement Marking
    RL Rail
    RS Rolling Stock
    SD Site Clearing and Spoil Sites
    SE Security
    SG Signalling
    SI Signage and Wayfinding
    SP Shipping
    SQ Specialised Equipment
    SS Substation
    ST Structural / Structures (incl Retaining Walls and Bridges)
    SV Surveying
    TC Signalling – Traffic Control
    TD Temporary Works & Demolitions
    TM Train Management Systems
    TT Traction Systems / Traction Return
    TU Tunnels
    TW Track Work
    UD Urban Design
    UT Utilities
    VN Ventilation
    VS Vehicle Structure
    VT Vertical Transportation (Lifts, Escalators)
    WT Water Treatment