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Quality Module – Lot Status


The “lot status” list is managed by the Extrack Application. The status is provided to assist users in identifying outstanding work required to be done with respect to each lot.

Lot Status Definitions
Code Title Description
O Open The Date Field “Opened” is filled by the application when the lot is created and applies a status of “Open”.
A Active The user enters a “Start Date” when work commences, the application then applies the “Active” status to the Lot.
F Finished When all work is completed on-site the user enters the date the work finished. The application then applies a “Finished” status to the Lot.
N Non Conforming The Lot status will display “Non-Conforming” if any “OPEN” Non-Conformances are linked to the Lot.
C Conforming The Lot status will display “Conforming” if all Non-Conformances are”CLOSED”, all Sub Lots are “Conforming”and all documents are “verified” as uploaded.
W Withdrawn If a Lot is tagged as “Withdrawn” from the project it will override all other status’s and display a “Withdrawn” status.