About Extrack
Our guiding principles, values and beliefs

We started this business because we believe that SME's need access to tools that aren't spreadsheets, simple to use and efficient in both time and cost.  We believe that there is a better way for owners, clients, contractors and consultants to interact to achieve better results for both parties.  This information knowledge management is a valuable asset to all organisations collaborating.

Tools should not have so many bells and whistles that they become a burden to operate and require significant and ongoing renewal training for staff and their employers.  To this end extrack provides all its training through online short self paced courses.

Extrack is a start-up company with big visions for the future and lots of plans under way, including our mobile devices.  It will be a long journey and we hope you enjoy the experience of our site as much as we have enjoyed building it.

Cloud + Mobile

Extrack was built on azure cloud servers to provide clients peace of mind on data security, intergrity and double redundancy backups.  Our software-as-a-service platform is and will continue to be the future of real time collaboration.  Cloud delivery is the easiest way to bring together multiple companies on one platform, it is for these reason that we are also pursuing mobile apps to complete the experience.  The cloud + mobile approach will allow clients to work seamlessly in or out of the office.


To many SME's cant afford the volume of software required to cover every aspect of running a business well.  To purchase the number of the systems required, including hardware and software, their integration and ongoing maintenance is cost prohibitive and so most SME's go without.  This does not include the SME's that also don't have the depth of IT support to implement these systems. Extrack comes fully integrated within modules, example exports and best practices are provided leaving the only set up requirement for the SME's is to choose travel the path left or right.


Extrack provides lot of resources online, with videos, eBooks, Brochures, Reports and Blogs.  Take advantage of our online training or call our help desk, choose from various support plans that meet your budget and needs.  Our experienced staff can reach you anywhere with Bomgar online access control to log in to your computer within minutes to help you.


Leadership Team

Our leadership team is here to help you, read more about them here