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Create and Manage Quality Module Frequency Types for ITP’s


The process below describes how to manage frequency types for ITP’s.


1) Click Quality

2) Under heading ITP click Frequency Types,

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3) Check the Frequency Type doesn’t exist by filtering grid on either code or title.

4) Add, edit, delete frequency type’s using the icon buttons identified below.

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5) Fill in the frequency type form for Code, Title and Description

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Pre-Requisite Requirements

Security Access

Licensing – users are to be licensed for the Quality module, this can be found under Settings then click User Licensing , set a billing account for the user. For more info see Knowledge Base Article -> User Licensing

Roles – users are to be assigned a user role for accessing the Frequency Type menu item. This can be found under Settings – System Security then click Assign User Roles . For more info see Knowledge Base Article -> Assign User Roles

Frequency Types do not require any other pages pre-populated with data prior to their use.

Additional Information

Field Explanation
Field Example Input Characters Field Restrictions
Code 060 Min 1 Max 50 Mandatory

Alpha, Numeric and special characters allowed.

No Duplicates Allowed.

Title Each batch Min 2 Max 200 Mandatory

Alpha, Numeric and special characters allowed.

No Duplicates Allowed.

Description Every batch sent to the project must be tested. Min 2 Max 500 Non Mandatory

Alpha, Numeric and special characters allowed.

Sample Data – Version 1
Code Title Description
005 As per schedule
010 As required
015 As specified
025 Continual monitoring
030 Each
035 Each activity
040 Each area
045 Each area described in the certificate
050 Each area prescribed
055 Each area tested
060 Each batch
065 Each batch sample
070 Each cable
075 Each component selected.
080 Each contractor
085 Each culvert
090 Each day
095 Each day and as required
100 Each day for the work area
105 Each decommissioned access
110 Each delivery
115 Each design of geofabric
120 Each device
125 Each docket
130 Each foundation
135 Each item
140 Each job
145 Each joint
150 Each layer
155 Each layer of pavement
160 Each layer or lot
165 Each line
170 Each link
175 Each Lot
180 Each Lot – continuous monitoring
185 Each Lot and delivery
190 Each Lot as directed
195 Each Lot of footings
200 Each Lot or 500m3
205 Each Lot or area
210 Each Lot, each day
215 Each material
220 Each material type
225 Each measured location
230 Each mix
235 Each pipe
240 Each pit
245 Each post
250 Each pour
255 Each prescribed activity
260 Each prescribed area
265 Each project
270 Each quarry
275 Each run
280 Each sign
285 Each slip base post
290 Each source
295 Each stockpile
300 Each Structure
305 Each trench
310 Each type
315 For all materials
320 If required
325 Monthly
330 Once pior to use
335 Once prior to construction
340 Prior to and during construction
345 Prior to spraying
350 Trial section only
355 When cutter is used