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Create and Manage Internal and External Company Departments


The process below describes how to manage internal and external departments


1) Click ORG

2) Under “Member” Contacts or External Contacts click Departments

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3) Check the department doesn’t exist by filtering grid on either code or title.

4) Add, edit, delete departments using the icon buttons identified below.

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5) Fill in the Department form for Code, Title and Description

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Pre-Requisite Requirements

Security Access

Licensing – users are to be licensed for the ORG module, this can be found under Settings then click User Licensing , set a billing account for the user. For more info see Knowledge Base Article -> User Licensing

Roles – users are to be assigned a user role for accessing the Departments menu item. This can be found under Settings – System Security then click Assign User Roles . For more info see Knowledge Base Article -> Assign User Roles

Departments do not require any other menu pages pre-populated with data prior to their use.

Additional Information

Field Explanation
Field Example Input Characters Field Restrictions
Code CM max 10 min 2 Alpha, Numeric and special characters allowed
Title Commercial max 70 min 2 Alpha, Numeric and special characters allowed
Description The commercial department includes, contract managers, procurement officers, commercial staff and legal team members max 1500 Alpha, Numeric and special characters allowed

Sample Data – Version 1 – With 2 Digit Alpha Code
Code Title
AD Administration
CN Construction
CO Commissioning
CP Commercial & Procurement
DE Design & Engineering
FI Finance
GR Government Relations
HR Human Resources
HS Health & Safety
IR Industrial Relations
IT Information Communication & Technology
LE Legal
MK Marketing
OM Operations & Maintenance
PC Project Controls
PM Project Management
PS Property Management
QA Quality Assurance
RM Risk Management
SC Stakeholder & Community
SE Security

Sample Data – Version 2 – With 3 digit numeric Code
Code Title
001 Administration
002 Construction
003 Commissioning
004 Commercial & Procurement
005 Design & Engineering
006 Finance
007 Government Relations
008 Human Resources
009 Industrial Relations
010 Information Communication & Technology
011 Legal
012 Marketing
013 Operations & Maintenance
014 Project Controls
015 Project Management
016 Property Management
017 Quality Assurance
018 Risk Management
019 Stakeholder & Community
020 Security
021 Health & Safety

Sample Data – Version 3 – Incorporating Profit Centres with Department
Code Title
ARC.AD Architecture – Administration
ARC.CM Architecture – Commercial
ARC.EN Architecture – Environmental
ARC.PR Architecture – Procurement
ARC.LG Architecture – Legal
PPM.AD Project & Program Management – Administration
PPM.CM Project & Program Management – Commercial
PPM.EN Project & Program Management – Environmental
PPM.PR Project & Program Management – Procurement
PPM.LG Project & Program Management – Legal